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The rare, elusive, and interesting Smooth Snake

The rare, elusive, and interesting Smooth Snake (Coronella austriaca) in the UK. Not the prettiest of reptiles, but certainly one of the hardest to find, as the UK’s rarest reptile is only found on the heathlands of Dorset, Hampshire, Surrey and West Sussex. Their name comes from the fact the scales are smooth and flat...(unlike the Grass snake of Adder's scales which have a ridge down the middle).

They get up to around 60-70 cm in length, with the females often bigger than males. A noticeable dark line runs along the side of the head, through the eye, which has Circular pupils.They can be found after scratching your way through heather on dry, sandy or gravely heathland sites. They eat small reptiles, mammals and birds. They might poop on you if handled, and it smells pretty bad.


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