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Promoting Farnham’s Biodiversity

 What's it all about? This group is working on a formal document and plan for biodiversity, in support of the Farnham Neighbourhood Plan, to inform local council, planning and development activities, to inspire and accelerate activity. This is joined by informal networking and activities, raising awareness, interest and action among local community groups in support of local biodiversity, wildlife and wild areas, connectivity. 
See their facebook page  - link here:

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Achievements so far ...

Biodiversity Guidelines for new development included in the Farnham Design Statement draft 2020

 Biodiversity Policy Statement adopted by Farnham Town Council 2021

 Working draft Biodiversity Action Plan issued April 2021:  Overall high-level plan
 Species plans for:

 Hedgehogs  Swifts
 stag beetles

 Habitat plan for wildlife gardens
 Liaison with similar groups in Guildford, Haslemere

Please join us, and/or see future activities planned at the facebook link above, or email us at the address below.


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